YouTube Marketing Tips You Need to Know

In recent years, YouTube has become a significant player in the world of digital marketing. In fact, video traffic accounts for 54% of all internet traffic as of 2016. Additionally, dozens of hours worth of content is being uploaded to YouTube every minute and billions of videos are viewed each day. It is easy to see why strengthening your YouTube marketing strategy will be impactful to your business model. Here are some tips on how to draw consumers into your videos and help convert them into customers.


Create Captivating Titles

The title is the first thing a user sees when perusing through a YouTube channel and can instantly help them decide whether or not they want to view that video. By creating a video with a title that implies that it is a “must-see” you will see higher user engagement with your content.


Optimize Videos to Improve Visibility

YouTube is the second largest search engine, so much like normal website content, it is important to consider what keywords to implement in your video’s title and description, and what categories and tags are most appropriate and relevant. This will help to increase your chances for showing up higher on the search engine results page, and in turn drive traffic to your videos.


Find Out What Your Audience Wants to See

When creating content for a specific target audience, it is important to make sure that you are creating content that resonates with them. This entails the actual content and what topics you talk about, as well as the aesthetic components such as the style of the video or visual imagery shown. You can use YouTube analytics to gain more insight into the behaviors of your viewers and track which videos are most successful.


Interact With Your Audience

It may sound simple, but taking time to interact with your audience, whether it be a like or response to their comment, goes a long way. When YouTube channels engage with their audience and show their appreciation for a viewer, that viewer is likely to feel more inclined to support their videos in the future and feel as though they have a real relationship with the brand.


Don’t Forget About Thumbnails

Much like the title of your video, the thumbnail is one of the first things that the viewer will notice amongst the sea of videos. It is a great opportunity to really capture your audience’s attention and lure them into watching your video. If you are not sure how to create a visually appealing thumbnail, you can check out free tools like Canva, which is a user-friendly platform for beginners that creates various types of digital media.


Promote Your Videos on Other Platforms

While YouTube is an extremely powerful entity on its own, it is helpful to share your videos on other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, to help cross promote your content. A good method of doing this is creating some sort of call to action where you give a preview of your video, and then share the link and call on them to continue watching the video on YouTube.


YouTube is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and by implementing these easy tips into your strategy, you are sure to see an increase in traffic and engagement with your videos. Remember to be patient and adaptable, and always listen to your target audience!