Essential Marketing Strategies for Your Association

Having a marketing strategy for your association can set you apart from other associations and also has a direct impact on your member growth and retention rate. Marketing strategies can be complex if you don’t have a plan. To make it easier for you, here are five strategies to help you craft your plan to reach a new audience and connect with your current members.


1. Divide and Conquer Your Email Lists

Email is essential for all associations. It is the quickest way to communicate news and connect with your audience. Although it is the quickest way to communicate, you want to ensure what you are communicating is resonating with your audience. This can be tough if you are sending the same email out to your entire list. Your list may include prospective members, current members and past members, all of which should be getting emailed information that pertains to their interests.


This may sound like double the work, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. Craft an email and use the same template for each email list. Much of the information will be applicable to each list and simply switch out the information that isn’t. By segmenting your lists, you can have a higher retention of your subscribers.


2. Show Off Your Association

Photos and videos are more valuable than ever before. Use your email marketing, social media and website to showcase photos and videos of your members. Having real people talking about the benefits they receive in a video comes across very personable. Taking photos of your member golf outing showcases a different side of the association. There are many different ways you can use photo and video in your marketing strategy so prospective and current members see first-hand what your association does.


3. Update Your Website

Updating your website can seem like a daunting task, but it is the first impression you will make to prospective members. Keeping it updated with news, events, blogs, membership information, etc. will make your website stand out and your current and prospective members engaged. The more up-to-date information you have, the more likely members are to come back. Your website should be a resource for current and future members to find what they are looking for.


4. Use Your Members to Create Content

A successful marketing strategy needs content and what better way to get content than from your members themselves? Your members can speak about your association and write about your association in a way that can resonate with current and prospective members. Allow them to submit articles for your blog or a video testimonial that you can use on your website, in emails and on your social media. Hearing directly from the members gives a more personable feel to the content.


5. Analyze What Is and Isn’t Working

Having a marketing strategy only works if you know what is and isn’t working. How do you know though? Take a look at your website analytics. See what is driving the most traffic to your website. Is it your emails? Is it Facebook? Next, look at your email analytics. Are people clicking on videos, blogs or a different type of content? Lastly, look at your social media platforms. Are photos, videos or blogs doing the best?


Once you have dialed into this information you can break it down even further. If you are having a lot of success with videos, you will want to continue to build that out as your marketing strategy continues to evolve.


The best marketing strategies are the ones that work for your audience. Marketing strategies are always evolving and should be reviewed quarterly and annually to see how you can improve.