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J&M Business Solutions, LLC is a full-service association management company who has worked with professional and trade associations across the United States for the past twenty-five years. We work in partnership with the board of directors to help them achieve their organization’s goals and objectives.

J&M is a close knit team that provides the personal service your members expect, backed by a staff of expert specialists. We use the knowledge gained by working with various leadership teams to help your organization achieve its highest potential.

Whether you need full-service association management services or just need to outsource a function or project, we have flexibility to offer a variety of options to meet the unique needs of your organization.

What is an Association Management Company (AMC)?

An Association Management Company (AMC) is a firm of skilled professionals whose goal is to provide management expertise and specialized administrative services to professional and trade associations in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Many AMCs serve as an organization's headquarters, managing day-to-day operations and becoming the public face of the organization. The AMC provides the professional staff, administrative support, office space, technology, and equipment an association needs to operate. The AMC staff works as the association’s staff, helping volunteer leaders develop and execute the strategies and programs to serve their membership.   (Source AMC Institute)

Association management companies, or AMCs, are for-profit companies that manage day-to-day operations for non-profits. AMCs help the associations they manage create meaningful change by providing best-in-class services from PR and communications, to advocacy, HR, meeting and event planning, marketing and creative design services, and tech solutions. And that’s just a fraction of the list!

Did you know?

  • The AMC industry is experiencing rapid expansion, with 12.5% growth in 2016 alone
  • 50% of management positions are held by women in the AMC industry
  • One out of three millennials employed in AMCs are in management roles
  • Experience some of the highest rates of flexibility and upward mobility
  • Balance mission-driven work with business acumen – allowing organizations and their people to perform at peak levels.
  • AMCs are for-profit companies, allowing for more competitive wages with mission driven work

What Benefits do AMCs Provide?

  • Owners and key personnel are very familiar with the challenges of association management
  • AMCs have staff who are experts in niche areas and usually have more experience in their given field than candidates that are not part of an AMC
  • AMCs can provide associations the expertise they need when they need it based on the concept of shared resources
  • The cost of this experienced support is more affordable for associations because personnel costs are split across an AMC's client base
  • AMCs provide organizations with economies of scale through shared office space, equipment and supply costs